Hiqup is no longer available for purchase.
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Give peg solitaire a fiendish twist and you have Hiqup, a fresh logic puzzler.

It's a devilish game that comes in easy, thought provoking, tough and down right serious. In standard peg solitaire you move your piece diagonally or horizontally, in Hiqup there are different pieces that move in different ways and you'll also encounter bombs, black holes, teleports, free jumps and special spaces that must be filled to complete boards.

Pit your wits against 47 original boards exclusive to Hiqup, as well as 10 standard peg solitaire boards from around the world.

Hiqup's quick tutorial gives you the basics and soon you're jumping pieces to get one to a teleport as the game racks up another notch whilst you aim for gold, silver and bronze on each board.

You can listen to your own music whilst playing Hiqup and it's packed with sound effects. If you need it, there is a help section to keep you on track and the background scenery is blissful.

23rd September: TouchGaming.org have also done a video review of Hiqup, which is available here: "TouchGaming - Hiqup Review (Video)"

Hiqup is a peg-jumping, brain-buster!